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Skills2Succeed Inc.
Instructors needed in various disciplines

We are looking for Instructors, Facilitators and Coaches in various
specialty areas as follows:

1) Graphics and Animation (Job Code: GRAnim1203)
2) Movie and Film Production (Job Code: MOFilm1203)
3) Stand-up Comedy and Joke Writing (Job Code: STCNJW1203)
4) Personal Support Worker Program (Job Code: PSWork1203)
5) Registered Public Nurse Program (Job Code: RPNurs1203)
6) Administrative / Executive Assistant and Secretarial Practice (Job Code: AASecr1203)
7) Aesthetician / Beautician (Job Code: AEBeau1203)
8) Make_Ups and Costumes (Job Code: MUCost1203)
9) Holistic Healing (Job Code: HOHeal1203)
10) Management And Leadership Skills for IT Consultants (Job Code:MLITCO1203)
11) Management And Leadership Skills for Small Business Owners (Job Code: MLSMBO1203)
12) Spa Treatment and Body Massage (Job Code: SpBody1203)
13) PEO Law and Ethics Exam Preparation (Job Code: PEOLET1203)
14) Public Health and Personal Hygiene (Job Code: PHPerH1203)
15) Public Safe Sex Education (Job Code: PUSsed1203)
16) Personal Tax Filing with Quick Tax Software (Job Code: PRTxQT1203)
17) Professional Tax Filing with Quick Tax Software (Job Code: PFTxQT1203)
18) Quick-Book for Small and Medium Businesses (Job Code: QBSMBO1203)
19) Negotiation and Communication Skills (Job Code: NEComm_110106)
20) Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making (Job Code: CrThPD1203)
21) Musical Instruments of various types (Job Code: MUInst1203)
22) Magic Tricks (Job Code: MATric1203)
23) Truck Driving - (Semi, Trailers, AZ) (Job Code: TRDriv1203)
24) Car Driving G/G1/G2 (Job Code: CRDriv1203)
25) Registered Public Nurse Program (Job Code: RPNurs1203)
26) Modeling as a Career and Profession (Job Code: MCaree1203)
27) Cooking Continental Dishes (Job Code: CoCont1203)
28) Art and Science of Love and Seduction (Job Code: ASLoSe1203)
29) Successful Dating, Courtship and Companionship for eternal happiness (Job Code: SDCCEH1203)
30) Tarot Reading (Job Code: TaRead1203)
31) Palm Reading (Job Code: PaRead1203)
32) Art and Science of Hypnosis (Job Code: ArScHy1203)
33) Accounting for Non-Accountants (Job Code: AcNoAc1203)
34) Marital Counseling for eternal happiness (Job Code: MCEtrH1203)
35) Preparation for GMAT Exam (Job Code: PrGMAT1203)
36) Preparation for GRE Exam (Job Code: PrGREE12036)
37) Preparation for MCCQE Exam (Job Code: PrMCCQ1203)
38) Preparation for TOEFL/TESL Exam (Job Code: PrTOTS1203)
39) Preparation for USMLE (Job Code: PrUSML1203)
40) Effective Landlordship (Real Estate Investor) (Job Code: EfLand1203)

Please send your cover letter and resume clearly mentioning Job Code(s) on
the subject line for which you are applying.

We are also looking for Instructors, Facilitators and Coaches in various
General Interest areas as well as in specific Expert Technical areas. If you have expertise in a specific area that is not listed above, please send your
cover letter and resume indicating your specialty/expertise area(s) in
your cover letter and mentioning Job Code: EXPERT1203 on the subject
line. Please also include contact phone and email information for 3 work related references (no personal and family members), if possible.

We are located in the Toronto area, however our workshop presentation location can be scheduled anywhere within Ontario or beyond based on the nature of the workshop/seminar.

Remunerations are based on qualification and background of the presenter / facilitator and are negotiable.

Date: February 25, 2014
Wage/Salary: negotiable
Start: immediate
Duration: indefinite
Type: Part Time, Casual, Temporary
How to apply:Please send resume by email only to Please note that unsolicited phone calls will disqualify you from getting an interview.
Company: Skills2Succeed Inc.
Contact: Human Resources Manager

Eligibility note:

It is unlawful to employ a person who does not have permission to live and work in Canada. Unless the advert states otherwise, please ensure you have this permission before applying.

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