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Performance Management Consultant (s)

Job Title: Performance Management Consultant (s)
Job Type: Contract 100 days + possible extension(s)
Rate: Flexible based on experience

This client wishes to procure services of an experienced consultant to provide an integrated performance management accountability framework and program renewal transition strategy for the province's publicly funded immunization program.

The program is currently being renewed to ensure its on-going sustainability and effectiveness in the rapidly changing immunization and health care system environments - one that contributes to the client's transformation agenda related to:

People receiving the right care at the right time in the right place;
An accountable, high quality and transparent health care system that demonstrates leadership and performance at the international level;
Cost effective care; and
Promoting healthier lifestyles by educating and enabling Ontarians so they are confident in the decisions they make about their health and the health care system as a whole.


The consultant(s) will be tasked with helping client to develop with consideration of the operational definitions provided above:

A performance management framework (PMF) that establishes the structure and the cycle for planning, executing, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on Ontario's immunization program and the multi-stakeholder system that supports it. The PMF will define the information needs of key system actors and decision-makers that the performance management activities will be used to support;
A comprehensive performance measurement and reporting framework (PMRF) as described above that outlines the methodology, tactics, and processes to systematically collect, analyze, utilize and report on the performance of Ontario's immunization program and the functioning of the multi-stakeholder system that supports it. This deliverable must include a logic model and describe a preferred approach to the definition of critical performance areas and issues that will be monitored and evaluated as well as the standards, indicators, measures, and metrics that will be used to monitor progress and assess the overall performance of Ontario's renewed immunization system on a regular basis and at specific evaluation intervals.
A transition strategy in the form of a situation report that establishes and compares the current immunization program and the multiple stakeholders that support it with the desired future state - i.e., the renewed immunization program. The situation report will include a change management plan that describes the roadmap to move from the current program and system to the desired program and system including critical transition success factors and tactics to support a successful transition to the desired state.

Date: December 16, 2014
Wage/Salary: Negotiable
Start: asap
Duration: Contract 100 days + possible extensions
Type: Full Time
How to apply:Apply here or on our website at
Company: SWGi
Contact: Rob Knowles
Phone: 416 644 8873 x 244

Eligibility note:

It is unlawful to employ a person who does not have permission to live and work in Canada. Unless the advert states otherwise, please ensure you have this permission before applying.

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