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Edmonton, Alberta 22 November

Pleasant Solutions

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    Not your everyday marketing position. Challenging and fast moving, yet friendly and supportive: a career you will look forward to every day. Work with intelligent people in an exciting environment where every month reaches new heights.

    ---Positions Available:---
    ** Search Engine Optimization Specialist / SEO Specialist
    ** Other Positions: We are also hiring for other positions (SMM / social media specialist, writer, video editor, PPC specialist, media and marketing communications, marketing project manager, business analyst, software developer, and more). You may apply for multiple positions separately. If you know someone in any of these areas, please do them a quick and friendly favour by letting them know about this posting.

    ---Position Overview:---
    ** Full time and permanent
    ** Flexible hours (for example: choose to start your day between 6am and 10am, work late some days and shorter on others).
    ** Fast moving in terms of variety of tasks and expectations.
    ** Get to know our multiple brands over the long-term to produce deep insight "wow" results that continue our brands' fast growth.
    ** 90% internal marketing projects (for our 5+ technology offerings), 10% client billable marketing projects.
    ** Gain valuable career experience with campaigns from mature departments to early stage start-up departments, and from patented disruptive products to more routine competitive sectors.
    ** Gain experience with both small and large campaigns.
    ** Be the chief person responsible for organic search traffic.
    ** Use many techniques both on-page and off-page, such as keyword insertion into content, backlinking, scholarship backlinking, video SEO, meta-tagging, analysis to find new relevant keywords, synonym analysis, engaging bloggers with the aim of backlinking to us, monitoring search engine algorithm changes, A/B testing, and lots of iteration to optimize.
    ** Balance on-page SEO techniques with human reader effectiveness.
    ** Learn about departments from stakeholders, extracting precise information from them.
    ** Weekly budgeted time for researching techniques and trends.
    ** Mature into a master SEO strategist: significant portion of time is spent strategizing on specific SEO techniques, before execution of the techniques.
    ** Supported by a team of specialized roles including a writer, social media presence builder, graphic designer, PPC specialist, video editor, programmers, and others; allowing you to focus.
    ** Occasionally provide brainstorming, feedback, or committee participation to other specialized roles, especially if it involves your secondary skillsets.
    ** Participate in brainstorming and planning of marketing endeavours, especially for launching new departments.
    ** Does _not_ involve writing long articles (although you will audit and modify content for SEO optimization).
    ** Does _not_ involve social media presence building (we have specialists for that, but you will request specific actions from them that your SEO strategy requires such as building relationships with specific bloggers you want to request backlinks from)
    ** Does _not_ involve constant time-constrainted projects for clients where the budget does not allow for amazing "wow" results, or justifying SEO to people who do not understand it.

    ** Highly intelligent.
    ** Deep knowledge of SEO techniques.
    ** Healthy curiousity for online marketing trends.
    ** Gets deeply involved with challenges and will persevere at length to achieve victory.
    ** Takes pride in work.
    ** Hard working.
    ** No specific requirements for formal education or industry experience. We evaluate each applicant based on merit and potential rather than formalities.

    ---Nice To Have:---
    ** Experience with SEO specifically for B2B companies.
    ** Experience has variety (due to an agency position or otherwise).
    ** Ability to see opportunities for improvement everywhere.
    ** Good instincts for analyzing data to extract meaning, and distinguishing valuable metrics from irrelevant ones.

    ---About The Work Environment:---
    ** Friendly, non-threatening, and non-political environment.
    ** We strive to have every employee sitting near a window for natural light and to have plenty of plants throughout the office; we care about employee health.
    ** Free onsite massage therapy.
    ** Private nap rooms for isolated thinking time or for taking a nap if you didn’t sleep well last night.
    ** Social events worth remembering (fencing competitions, curling, video game or board game parties,etc).
    ** Unlimited access to pillage our kitchens for caffeine, sugar, healthy snacks, soups, and more :)
    ** Fast paced
    ** Consistent work/life balance: mandatory overtime is very rare.


    ** What do you have to lose by exploring the possibility? Applying does not take long and we keep your application confidential (never disclosed to existing employer).
    ** Even if you don't have your resume updated or ready to go, apply anyways, we want to hear from you!


    ** SEO advertising manager
    ** SEO marketing manager
    ** SEO specialist
    ** SEO manager
    ** search engine optimization specialist
    ** SEM
    ** search engine marketing
    ** SSM
    ** social media marketing
    ** search marketing system
    ** earned media
    ** organic marketing specialist
    ** online marketing specialist
    ** digital marketing specialist
    ** digital marketing manager
    ** digital marketing analyst
    ** demand generation
    ** Director Search Engine Optimization
    ** Plurals:
    ** SEO advertising managers
    ** SEO marketing managers
    ** SEO specialists
    ** SEO managers
    ** search engine optimization specialists
    ** search marketing systems
    ** organic marketing specialists
    ** online marketing specialists
    ** digital marketing specialists
    ** digital marketing managers
    ** digital mark
  • Number of vacancies: 3
  • Requirements

  • Minimum education level: High school
  • Language(s): English
  • Availability for travel: No
  • Availability for change of residence: No

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