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Edmonton, Alberta 5 January

Pleasant Solutions

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    Not your everyday marketing position. Challenging and fast moving, yet friendly and supportive: a career you will look forward to every day. Work with intelligent people in an exciting environment where every month reaches new heights.

    ---Positions Available:---

    ** Social Media Marketer / SMM Specialist
    ** Other Positions: We are also hiring for other positions (marketing communications writer, SEO specialist, video editor, PPC specialist, marketing project manager, business analyst, software developer, and more). You may apply for multiple positions separately. If you know someone in any of these areas, please do them a quick and friendly favour by letting them know about this posting.

    ---Position Overview:---

    ** Full time and permanent
    ** Flexible hours (for example: choose to start your day between 6am and 10am, work late some days and shorter on others).
    ** Get to know our multiple brands over the long-term to produce deep insight "wow" results that continue our brands' fast growth.
    ** 90% internal marketing projects (for our 5+ technology offerings), 10% client billable marketing projects.
    ** Gain valuable career experience with campaigns from mature departments to early stage start-up departments, and from patented disruptive products to more routine competitive sectors.
    ** Gain experience with both small and large campaigns.
    ** Be the chief person responsible for social media engagement.
    ** Campaigns separately targeting many audience groups including customers, existing distributors, targeted future distributors, job candidates, industry influencers specific to each department, and SEO targets such as bloggers.
    ** For all relationship building with individuals, do the necessary research into the topics they care and wordsmithing delivery to match their tone, create meaningful relationships that entertain and inform each person, and result in each conversation being custom tailered to the individual.
    ** Original content distribution, content curation, and discussion engagement.
    ** Primarily short format writing together with relationship building interactive discussions.
    ** Focus on higher quality content at the expense of frequency, rather than posting just for the sake of having frequent posts.
    ** Supported with original content provided by inhouse writers, graphic designers, and video editors.
    ** Discussions will include casual topics to build relationships, collecting ideas for features, getting feedback on product roadmaps, clarifying brand positioning, and breaking the ice for recruiting or sales.
    ** Learn about departments from stakeholders, extracting precise information from them.
    ** Mature into a master social media strategist: budgeted time for research and strategic thought about where to post, audiences and individuals to target, optimal hashtags, centers of interaction, and ways of increasing results.
    ** Occasionally provide brainstorming, feedback, or committee participation to other specialized roles like SEO or PPC, especially if it involves your secondary skillsets.
    ** Participate in brainstorming and planning of marketing endeavours, especially for launching new departments.
    ** Most major platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, web forums, and industry specific forums.
    ** Does _not_ involve writing long articles and building your own graphical content (we have writers and designers for that, you will naturally generate shorter form text content).
    ** Does _not_ involve SEO.
    ** Does _not_ involve constant time-constrainted projects for clients where the budget does not allow for amazing "wow" results, or justifying social media marketing to people who do not understand it.
    ** This is _not_ a role created due to social media hype and with no understanding of its best uses or limitations: this role will be an integral part of many endeavors, with high but realistic expectations.


    ** Superb written English communication skills.
    ** Passionate about and great at building relationships with people online.
    ** Can read and reply to people online for extended periods of time.
    ** Positive attitude that shows through with your writing.
    ** No specific requirements for formal education or industry experience. We evaluate each applicant based on merit and potential rather than formalities.

    ---Nice To Have:---

    ** Experience with companies that sell to other companies (B2B).
    ** Knows a lot about geeky technology topics.

    ---About The Work Environment:---

    ** Friendly, non-threatening, and non-political environment.
    ** Mid-sized company but retaining the speed and flexibility of a smaller company.
    ** We are a great environment for both outgoing people and those who are very shy and introverted (applicable to non-client facing positions).
    ** We strive to have every employee sitting near a window for natural light and to have plenty of plants throughout the office; we care about employee health.
    ** Free onsite massage therapy.
    ** Private nap rooms for isolated thinking time or for taking a nap if you didn’t sleep well last night.
    ** Atrium to enjoy the sun during lunch.
    ** Social events worth remembering (fencing competitions, curling, video game or board game parties, coding competitions, commando combat training, robotics club coming soon, etc).
    ** An example of our culture: Lunch together is in a very comfy sofa room, and even the quiet types are comfortable there.
    ** Unlimited access to pillage our kitchens for caffeine, sugar, healthy snacks, soups, and more :)
    ** Additional perks that are cost-shared like motorized sit-stand desks.
    ** Task focused: everyone in the company heavily uses centralized to-do lists to stay organized, prioritize, and coordinate.
    ** Fast paced
    ** Consistent work/life balance: mandatory overtime is very rare.

    ** Apply online today at our careers website

  • Number of vacancies: 2
  • Requirements

  • Minimum education level: High school
  • Language(s): English
  • Knowledge: Marketing, Social Media
  • Availability for travel: No
  • Availability for change of residence: No

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